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#16 Solving situations like a Superhero.

#16 Solving situations like a Superhero.

Solving situations is like working on a puzzle.

Like with anything else negative, if you don’t come across shitty situations, you haven’t done anything at all. It’s not about whether you stumble upon some of these situations. If you’re a hustler, you will. It’s all about what you do next and how do you act when life happens to you.

In my line of work - customer service, there’s no such thing as a perfect service, product, organisation etc. So it’s impossible that you will not meet people with negative experience. And so is pleasing everybody.



Always answer in a way that you are really happy that the person called you. Start with a friendly and welcoming tone. Always smile, even though the other person doesn’t see, they always hear your smile.

You must forget all your previous crap and focus on the person calling to you. Even if the person is a "professional" complainer, deal with their problem itself.


Give them an opportunity to get problems off their chest and be compassionate. In addition to facts listen to their emotions. In often times you’ll have to fight the urge to answering too soon. The main point in listening and not answering too soon is to find out the real reason for their displeasure.

Ask questions

It helps to get the right factual base to the roots of the problem. Asking additional questions might uncover some new and helpful details. It also helps your clients to talk more about the problem and feelings.

“When did this problem occur?”, “What exactly went wrong with the process?”, “How can I fix this?”. That helps you to know what you need to do. If we start fixing it before, you might come up with many solutions they don’t care about and get more pissed.


Find something positive or some point in their complaint that you agree. It doesn’t mean that you fully agree with everything they’re saying. It’s just showing them that you are listening what they have to say and understand how important it is to them.

Deal with the situation itself

You have to take full responsibility for your own F-ups or thank them for their patience if it's not your fault. Crap hits the fan pretty frequently in business, it’s healthy for growth. How you deal with that situation is what truly matter.

If you solve the situation for your customers, they will most probably continue with your service or product. They need to know that you’ll do everything in your power to solve the problem for them.

Offer some extra assistance

(Name) Is there anything else I can do for you?

This might be my most FAQ of all time. Works like a charm.


There are many situations when dealing with some situations takes time. It’s vital that you keep your customer updated on the important points of the situation. Your customer needs to know that it’s been taken care of and things are moving.

Always try to find a way to follow-up after the situation has been handled to understand where the customer stands. How did you do handling everything for them?


Customers are the bloodline to every business. Your business needs them as much as people need oxygen. Whether they will use your service or product again and refer it to their friends and colleagues are the most important questions you can ask them.

#17 A Change Is Gonna Come.

#17 A Change Is Gonna Come.

#15 How to deal with negative people (NEG's)?

#15 How to deal with negative people (NEG's)?